A Spark behind the Safety Matches


Safety Matches Factory

The match is a huge essential part of our everyday lives. Peoples use it every single day to light a lamp, light the stove and so another purpose. Get high-quality branding matches like zebra, lion matches. Safety matches can only be struck on the rough side of the box or else pack.

It is a broad spectrum of high-grade matchboxes and also matchsticks that have filled with various domestic and commercial purposes. In fact, the range which it includes safety match sticks,​ wooden matchsticks, wax match sticks, colored matchsticks, and also book matchsticks. Manufactured with complete precaution and attention to intricate details, our products are available in various sizes and dimensions.

Geewinmatches one of the prominent safety matches manufacturing company in India. Our safety matches are used residential and commercial purpose. Also they are made quality raw materials and have long sticks. Our safety match boxes are cardboard safety matches, wax safety matches kitchen safety matches, long stick matches, and veneer safety matches. Also we are export quality wholesale safety matches in all over the world.